Swedish and Therapeutic Massage

For a relaxing, stress-relieving massage traditional Swedish techniques are used.


For a more therapeutic massage ACE Massage Cupping, deep tissue work, Myofascial Release,  stretching and/or aromatherapy may be incorporated to decrease stress and pain.



​Chair Massage

On a specially designed chair, massage at your office will help loosen your employees' tight neck, shoulder and upper back muscles, help decrease stress and help improve employee morale.  Can be adjusted to either relax or invigorate.  


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ACE Massage Cupping

Cupping has been used for centuries to help relieve muscle stiffness, increase flow of blood and Qi and to treat many other ailments.  We use it to help loosen tight muscles and increase blood flow to an area.  Frequently incorporated during a therapeutic massage.  We use pneumatic and silicone cups.

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