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 Debra L Clift, BA, LMT, CMCP graduated from UC San Diego in 1988 with a Bachelor of Arts; major in Psychology and minor in Spanish Literature. After eighteen years as a Flight Attendant for Pan Am and Northwest Airlines she changed career paths.   Five years as an Office Manager at a Memphis-based aviation asset management company helped hone her customer service and organizational skills.  While there she helped fellow employees by using massage and pressure-point techniques she had experienced to reduce headache pain and muscle tension.  


A 2012 graduate of The Massage Institute of Memphis Debra has attended classes in Myofascial Release with John F. Barnes, PT (Level 1), ACE Massage Cupping, neck techniques for headache relief, Medical Massage, Gua Sha, Acupressure and aromatherapy.  Debra works with Sue Smith, LMT, classmate from The Massage Institute, at our Poplar Avenue office.  


Massage Therapy by DLC         5500 Poplar Avenue Bldg 2 Suite 2  Memphis, TN           901-230-7066   

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