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Because our lives are typically filled with things to do, people to meet and jobs that need attending to, we work to give you a much-needed chance to step back and take some time for yourself.  Schedule a massage to decrease stress, alleviate muscle pain and discomfort. 

Debbie uses a variety of techniques to customize a massage that will work best for you: Swedish massage, massage cupping, Gua Sha, Medical Massage and other techniques learned to work toward your treatment goals.  

COVID - Massage room is thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and aired out between clients.  Massage Therapist and client will wear face mask during massage, except while client is prone.  Massage is a close-contact business.

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Massage Therapy by DLC         5500 Poplar Avenue Bldg 2 Suite 2  Memphis, TN           901-230-7066        80 S. Prescott  Memphis, TN

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